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Online Health and Safety Training

Welcome to Link2eLearning, a visually stimulating desktop learning environment! These online courses can be taken anytime and anywhere there is Internet access. And since courses are self-paced, participants can start, stop or pause at any time - offering flexibility to meet individual schedules.

10 reasons why you should choose Link2eLearning

  • Accessible (24/7)
  • Bilingual
  • Canadian content
  • Consistent training material
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellence in customer support
  • Flexible
  • Instant accurate reporting and tracking
  • Interactive, multi-media format
  • User- friendly
TDG $34.95
WHMIS $19.95
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Attending to the needs of our staff and clients in our various facilities means that we have to deliver flexible and accessible health and safety training. What the Link2eLearning service provides us with is the ability to connect our employees to first class resources without having to invest heavily in travel or instructor expenses. Our experience with the Link2elearning team is that they provide a top rate product and second-to-none customer service!

Jim Turner, Community Living Atikokan

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Course Price# SubscriptionsOrder Now
Asbestos Awareness $24.95
Asthma, Allergies and Anaphylaxis $24.95
Bill 157 - Keeping Our Kids Safe at School $24.95
Bloodborne Pathogens $24.95
Bullying Prevention and Positive School Climate (Ontario) $24.95
Canada Labour Code Part II $24.95
Concussion Awareness, Prevention and Action $24.95
Confined Space Awareness $24.95
Contractor Safety Management $24.95
COVID-19 Pandemic - Safe Return to Work $19.95
Customer Service Standard Orientation $24.95
Driver Safety $24.95
Electrical Safety $24.95
Fire Safety $24.95
Hand Hygiene (General) $24.95
Hand Hygiene for Healthcare $24.95
Hazard Identification for Federal Workplace Inspections $24.95
Hazardous Occurrence Investigations for Federal Workplaces $24.95
Health and Safety Awareness for Supervisors (National) $24.95
Health and Safety Awareness for Workers (National) $24.95
Hearing Conservation Program $24.95
Heat Stress Prevention $19.95
Human Rights Climate Within Schools $24.95
Integrated Accessibility Standards Orientation $24.95
Joint Health and Safety Committee Orientation $24.95
Ladder Safety $24.95
Lead Pipe Flushing for Safe Drinking Water $24.95
Lockout/Tagout $24.95
Managing Workplace Hazards $24.95
Office Health and Safety $24.95
Pandemic Influenza Planning $24.95
PPE Selection, Use and Care $24.95
Prevalent Medical Conditions Module 1 $24.95
Prevalent Medical Conditions Module 2 $24.95
Radiation Safety $24.95
Recognizing Asbestos Hazards PDF $24.95
Respiratory Protection Program $29.95
Sabrina's Law $24.95
Slips, Trips and Falls $24.95
Spill Response $24.95
TDG for Ground Transport (Road) $34.95
WHMIS (GHS) Introduction $19.95
WHMIS (GHS) Refresher $19.95
Workplace Accident Investigations $24.95
Workplace Electrical Safety (CSA Standard Z462) & Arc Flash Awareness $24.95
Workplace Ergonomics $24.95
Workplace Health and Safety Committees $24.95
Workplace Housekeeping $24.95
Workplace Inspections $24.95
Workplace Violence Awareness for Health Care Services $24.95
Workplace Violence Awareness for School Board Employees $24.95
Workplace Violence Awareness for Workers (Nationwide) $24.95
Workplace Violence Awareness for Workers (Ontario) $24.95
Workplace Violence Training for Supervisors and JHSC Members (Nationwide) $24.95
Workplace Violence Training for Supervisors and JHSC Members (Ontario) $24.95
Inspection des lieux de travail $24.95
Introduction au cadenassage/étiquetage $24.95
L'identification des risques en vue des inspections des lieux de travail $24.95
L’ergonomie en milieu de travail $24.95
La gestion de la sécurité de l’entrepreneur $24.95
La gestion des dangers en milieu de travail $24.95
La partie II du Code canadien du travail $24.95
La radioprotection $19.95
La santé et la sécurité dans les bureaux $24.95
La sécurité des échelles $24.95
La sécurité en électricité au travail et la sensibilisation aux éclairs d'arcs électriques $24.95
La sécurité routière $24.95
La sécurité-incendie $24.95
La sensibilisation à l’amiante $24.95
La sensibilisation à l’intervention en cas de déversement $24.95
La sensibilisation à la santé et la sécurité pour superviseurs (National) $24.95
La sensibilisation à la santé et la sécurité pour superviseurs de l’Ontario $24.95
La sensibilisation à la santé et la sécurité pour travailleurs (National) $24.95
La sensibilisation à la santé et la sécurité pour travailleurs de l’Ontario $24.95
La sensibilisation à la violence au travail pour les travailleurs - National $24.95
La sensibilisation à la violence au travail pour les travailleurs - Ontario $24.95
La sensibilisation aux espaces clos $24.95
La tenue des locaux de travail $24.95
La violence au travail pour superviseurs et membres du comité mixte de santé et de sécurité au travail $19.95
Le choix, l’utilisation et le soin des EPI $24.95
Le SIMDUT (SGH) Introduction $19.95
Le SIMDUT (SGH): Mise à jour $19.95
Le TMD pour transport routier $34.95
Les agents pathogènes à diffusion hématogène $24.95
Les chutes par glissade ou trébuchement $24.95
Les comités de la santé et de la sécurité au travail $24.95
Les enquêtes concernant les situations qui comportent des risques $24.95
Les enquêtes sur les accidents de travail $24.95
Sécurité en électricité $24.95

Prices listed in  CAD.





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